Criminal Defence

Criminal solicitors – can seem larger than life. As a client facing charges, the last thing you need is advocacy that leaves you feeling intimidated or overwhelmed. We’re proud to keep our feet firmly on the ground. From our York office, our criminal solicitors promise expert proactive defence from a team you can talk to

Whatever the nature of your charges – however grave or minor they may be – you can expect our consummate professionalism.

We have a duty of care to ensure you enjoy your full legal rights and due legal process. Criminal litigation is, invariably, complex. At every stage, we’ll ensure you understand what’s happening – and the potential defences and pleas open to you. With many years of criminal defence experience, we are regularly representing clients facing criminal charges such as:

• Murder/Manslaughter

• Sexual Offences

• Non-fatal assaults on the person

• Theft and fraud related offences

• Domestic Violence


• Extradition

• Immigration act offences

• Proceeds of crime act offences

• Drug offences

• Public disorder


Other areas of specialism include:

• Youth Court Proceedings

• Mental Health Law

Dangerous Offenders

• Alcohol and the motorist

Robertson’s Solicitors – Expert, proactive defence from a team you can talk to.

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